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Leadership Team Style

  • Style of chairman

      Liu peifeng, male, han nationality, born on November 6, 1974, anqing, anhui, participated in the work in March 1993, joined the communist party of China in July 2004, bachelor degree, senior engineer.
      Currently, the chairman of chizhou mingkun metal material co., LTD., chizhou anjing industry aluminum co., LTD., and chizhou anxin wood technology co., LTD. 2016 is listed as representative of the party congress of chizhou city.

    Business philosophy

      Create value for the customer, make the employee rich achievement, create harmony for the society, let the partner get thick newspaper!

    Achievement of honor

      During the service of jiangnan aluminum profile factory in wenzhou, zhejiang province, during the long career of the first-line workers to the general manager, every promotion has the ability to improve, the accumulation of experience and the accumulation of achievements. The company has been awarded as excellent employee, excellent monitor and excellent manager. During his tenure as general manager of the company, jiangnan aluminum profile factory has grown from 10 million annual production value to 700 million. He was awarded the title of advanced worker in ruian city of zhejiang province, top ten new Ryan and excellent communist party member of ruian city.

      2016 joined chizhou anqing chamber of commerce and was elected vice President of chamber of commerce.
      In 2016, the company established the party branch and was elected party branch secretary.
      In 2016, he was awarded as the outstanding communist party member of chizhou city and a model worker in chizhou city, and was elected as the representative of chizhou municipal party congress.
      In 2017, he was elected as the outstanding socialist builder of the third non-public economy in chizhou city.
      In 2017, he was elected the fourth vice President of chizhou municipal federation of industry and commerce.

    Education background

      • highest degree: bachelor, senior engineer.
      • graduate school: fudan university, Shanghai.
      • major: enterprise management • now professional: company management.
      • computer level: ordinary • first foreign language: common English.

    Social evaluation

      In the eyes of the elders and friends, liu peifeng has been a poor family since he was a child, and he had to drop out of school to work in the early years, so that he could bear the burden of his family too early and understand the hardships of life. And many years of work experience in the workshop has sharpened his will and forged his tenacious character. Every step of the life is steadily and steadily, only have today's result.
      In the eyes of the leaders, liu peifeng is an entrepreneur with distinctive times. It was a real self-made man who worked hard and sweat to get to today's entrepreneurs. During the service period of jiangnan aluminum profile factory in wenzhou, zhejiang province, it reflects his working style and hard work. From the investment in the city of mingkun metal materials co., LTD and chizhou city anjing industrial aluminum co., LTD., he has the sharp economic vision and the courage to innovate. He is also an outstanding communist party member, no matter what kind of environment he is in, he strictly demands his own words and deeds by the party members' standards. As a company, we should pay attention to social responsibility and actively participate in some social activities.

      In the eyes of colleagues and employees of the company, he has 20 years of practical experience in business management. A line from the enterprise operators, monitor, workshop director, secretary of production, the factory director, general manager, 20 years practical operation of enterprises of various position, has accumulated rich management experience, familiar with and proficient in enterprise comprehensive management system and process; Team in the enterprise culture construction and production quality management, marketing management, human resources management is particularly good at it, especially good at the enterprise standardization management system construction and KPI performance goals. Production quality management; Familiar with and proficient in ISO - 9001 quality management system, TQM comprehensive quality management, 7S site management, lean production management, target performance KPI management system. Marketing management; Familiar with and proficient in brand strategy planning and promotion, channel dealer business development, major customer service marketing management, sales business process and transaction skills, consultant sales, etc. In administrative human resources management; Familiar with and proficient in six modules operating system, management line: job description and position management, performance management and performance appraisal, salary system and incentive system. Development line: HR planning and recruitment interview, quality assessment and career planning, training system and talent development. At the same time he also pay special attention to company employee benefits, in addition to pay social security for employees, regularly arrange free physical examination, regularly arrange free training, optimization of the accommodations, grant birthday allowance, unluckily, labor insurance supplies, every festival staff canteen must, holiday gift must extend, organization that adds good staff travel, etc.
      Inside and outside the character of double repair is composed of two kinds of calm and enthusiastic and unrestrained force, the good manager image temperament that has created the firm and soft. Indomitable willpower created a strong emotion regulation and management ability, 20 years of operation and management of actual combat training out of the strong affinity, interpersonal communication ability and cultivating top enterprise team combat ability and experience, extensive reading interest to let the knowledge structure, bo refinement, persistence is single-minded, good at communication with all kinds of, strong self-esteem grow super confident, nothing is impossible, everything is possible! The three teachings of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism: great benevolence, great wisdom, great courage! The pursuit of his life! To build China's top enterprise team for aspiring entrepreneurs, to lead the enterprise team with outstanding leadership, to create brilliant achievements, and to become an enterprise is the mission of his life!