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Company introduction


    Chizhou in seiko aluminium co., LTD., founded in September 2015, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, the company is located in beautiful scenery at the foot of the famous buddhist mountain jiuhua mountain, jiangnan industrial concentration zone in anhui province. On-the-job employees 500 people, has 10 production lines, with an annual output of 30000 tons of aluminum production capacity, is a professional engaged in high-end industrial aluminum r&d, design, production and sales of private enterprises.
      Spirit of "honesty, innovation as the soul" business philosophy, innovation has always been in aluminium core elements of the rapid growth, relying on the perfect technology research and development system, company technology level has been walking in front of the industry.
      Company since its establishment has been deep in high-end industrial aluminum industry, not only have high-grade industrial aluminum extrusion production equipment, exquisite technology and excellent management team, in the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, IATF16949 quality management system and relevant national standards under the control of production, not only ensure the stability of the company's product quality, and also has good mechanical properties, geometrical size accurate, uniform color, good brightness, corrosion resistance, etc.
      The company has obtained the official recognition of anhui high-tech enterprise, anhui provincial enterprise technology center, chizhou city enterprise technology center and so on. A total of 36 patents have been obtained, including 12 invention patents. It has basically realized the coverage of different specifications of industrial high-end aluminum profiles, filled the domestic gap, and thus became the leader in the aluminum profile industry in central China.
      Company products are mainly used in electronic, military industry, high iron, aerospace, automobile, engineering machinery, medical equipment, LED lamps and lanterns, household appliances, smart bicycles, hardware, sanitary ware, instrumentation and other industries, different materials for more than five hundred domestic and foreign enterprises supporting different kinds of industrial aluminum.
      In the industrial chain extension strategy, be more focus on integration and transformation and upgrading of the entire industry upstream and downstream, successively into intelligent bicycle, sanitary ware, LED lamps and lanterns, household appliances, high iron, aerospace, automobile, new energy bus industry sectors, such as the distribution of longitudinal and transverse linkage upstream and downstream industry continued to deepen, gradually formed with the comprehensive competitiveness of aluminum industry cluster.
      Under the development idea of bigger and stronger to do fine, companies with existing ten automatic high-end industrial aluminum extrusion production line as the starting point, construction of building at the beginning of 2017 the annual output of fifty thousand tons of high-end industrial aluminum production base, covers an area of 200 mu, the office will have a production area of 110000 square meters, the leading industry advanced production assembly line 22, and equipped with surface treatment and finish machining and other supporting production workshop, capable of producing 50000 tons of high-end aluminum production capacity, to create the output value of 1.5 billion yuan. Thus, we can further satisfy the needs of customer market refinement, and build the high-end aluminum industry base in east China and central China.
      Today in aluminum industry, under the guidance of chairman Liu Peifeng, has been into high speed development of the fast lane, with "innovative thinking, the steadfast enterprising, dare to dare to do" elite team, under the guidance of our innovation and development, create value for customers, let employees rich achievements. Uphold the "law-abiding work for cases, professional" enterprise core values, carry forward the "craftsman in peace" spirit, with gratitude become bigger and stronger national enterprise, the company will use to give back to society, with good performance for partners get thick.