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"Dreams light up the reality and focus on the future" -- liu peifeng, chairman of anshan aluminum

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Chairman of anan jinggong aluminum industry in chizhou city young generation of non-public economic people's ideal and conviction report speech!!
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Dear leaders and entrepreneurs,

Hi, I'm liu peifeng from anshan aluminium.

I am very glad to have the opportunity to report and share my growth experience and inspiration to you today. The title of my presentation today is "dreams light up the reality and focus on the future".

I was born in a small mountain village in susong county, anqing city. My mother is a traditional housewife who teaches me to be kind, honest, hardworking and tough. My father, a veteran, taught me that my hero should have responsibilities, responsibilities, and a positive character. They are the rarest mentors and role models in my life.

As the saying goes, children of the poor take charge early. As the eldest child, I took it for granted to take care of my brothers and sisters and share the burden of the family. After graduating from junior high school, due to family difficulties and other reasons, I was forced to drop out of school to work with my cousin in wenzhou, zhejiang, which was a very exciting thing for a peasant child who was longing for the outside world and eager to go out to meet the world. At that time, the traffic conditions were not very good, only to the dadukou car to wenzhou, more than 40 seats of the bus is hard crowded more than 80 people, people are all the way to wenzhou standing, getting off the legs are swollen. From the countryside to the city because it is the first time away from home, at that time was very excited, all the way to sing songs. When you are in a strange place, you not only feel everything is new, but also have beautiful expectations for the future.

I came to wenzhou and entered the aluminum profile industry I am now engaged in. I started from ordinary workers, and then I went to monitor, workshop director, director of production technology department, factory director and general manager. I worked in an enterprise for 19 years. At that time, there were 8 people who went to wenzhou with me, but I was the only one left. The process of perseverance is difficult. First of all, you have to settle down, down to earth, step by step to improve themselves. My head teacher once sent me a word: "the road that walks in the dream many, also won't leave footprint". This sentence, has been deeply imprinted in my mind. When I was doing general work, I stared at what the monitor was doing every day, what was the difference between me and him, how could I become "he", even better than him. After one year's hard work, I became the monitor. When I was a monitor, I looked at what the workshop director was doing. What was his scope of work? What capacity does he need in this position? Then, through three years, I became the workshop director. When the workshop director, I with the production technology department minister standard request oneself, study the technology, drill the business, seek the gap, improve the quality. I have always believed that the process determines the outcome, that learning changes tomorrow, and that all will follow naturally. Just like this step by step, I have achieved the transformation from ordinary migrant worker to professional manager. My salary has also increased from 300 yuan a month to over 2 million a year.

Just as what is called "the road to simplicity", learning can make up for the poor, heaven rewards the diligent, a person's growth and promotion, my personal feeling is the most profound three words "learning, understanding, doing"! Learning is for better, understanding is for faster, doing is the ultimate goal. Years don't give a man the real growth he needs. Only by learning and realizing, doing and relearning, constantly repeating and accumulating, can one truly achieve breakthrough and improvement.

When I was in the position of general manager, although my dream of working as a general manager has been realized, it also means that the career of working in the enterprise has reached the top. Since you are the boss again, you cannot replace the boss. Or seek change, break yourself, and be your own boss. Nineteen years of accumulation, I think doing business all the difficulties, all the experience I should have experienced, I can fully control a business. I have always maintained a positive and optimistic attitude and have a clear understanding of myself. I decided to rebuild my dream and return to my hometown to start my own business and become an irreplaceable myself.

So in 2012, my family came to chizhou to start the entrepreneurial journey that really belongs to me. At the end of 2015, anan aluminum was established. Three years have passed.

Now anan aluminum industry, with 336 employees, has become one of the leading backbone of the aluminum base industry base in the industrial concentration area of jiangnan, with annual output value exceeding 400 million yuan, owns and is applying for 126 patents, and is the only national high-tech enterprise that is about to realize the full coverage of the industrial chain in central China. Enterprise products are widely used in military industry, high-speed railway, aviation, automobile and other industries. Under the concept of high-quality development, the company's strategic antennae are expanding into the field of new energy and lightweight.

In my opinion, it is obviously not enough to make anshan aluminum a better company. Whether an enterprise can grow healthily or not depends on five important factors: the first is vision, the second is layout, the third is resources, the fourth is products, and the fifth is talents. One of these five is indispensable. All enterprises in the fierce market competition is the great wave panning for sand, the final panned out is the real vitality of the enterprise. The enterprise is like building a dam. If the five elements are blocked, the water level will become higher and higher. The higher the five elements accumulate, the stronger the competitive power will be.

The enterprise wants success, wants to grow, the enterprise leader that does not have strong enterprise heart to prop up is not good, do not have outstanding talent team more not good. The mission of an entrepreneur is to follow the logic of capital appreciation in the life of the enterprise and try to run it well without laches. This is the life mission every entrepreneur has to do. The corporate slogan of "people first" has a lot of people to shout, but the actual implementation is to start with a bit of details and truly care about them. I think the most basic thing for business owners or operators is to make them sweat and not cry. The greatest "love" a company gives its employees is to help them grow. Making employees truly see the enterprise as home and feel the warmth of the big family is the guarantee of the long-term survival of an enterprise.

It is my greatest pride and desire to go back to my hometown to run a business, do something practical for my hometown, and realize the leap of my life. "There is always the desire to succeed, and truly great companies must aspire beyond simply making money to make society better." Wealth must come and go. The only difference is the length of time. Working hard, not just for how much money to make, but more often, for the dream in my heart, is a kind of dignity, a responsibility, a mission, to make my life stronger, independent and complete. Seemingly pursuing material wealth, but actually pursuing self-growth. After a journey, you will find that when your heart is strong, cultured and loving enough, making money is just a matter of passing by. Maturity is more important than success! Being a valuable person is more important than being a rich person!

The ancients said, "if you are poor, you can save the world. The survival of every enterprise depends on the development of the society, and the growth of every enterprise depends on the care from all walks of life in the society. We should take the initiative to shoulder more social responsibilities and help more people in need within our capacity. As a representative of huizhou merchants, I have been adhering to a grateful heart. I am grateful to this era for the help and care from local government and social circles and hope to shine in chizhou. As an individual, I may not be able to determine the heights of my future life, whether it is spiritual impact or material contribution, which I cannot predict. What we can do is to be diligent and diligent and do well today. Anan's corporate vision is to "follow the spirit of craftsman, forge anan brand, and inherit the enterprise", which is my mission and responsibility with all anan people. With this faith and persistence, I think: good circumstances and adversity will become a valuable wealth of life.

The people who really get to the top of the mountain will always be those who keep their minds and keep their faith. There are no shortcuts to life, but every step you take will determine the distance between you and your dreams. So the harder you work, the harder you work; The more disciplined, the better. As the saying goes: the sky is healthy, the gentleman with self-improvement; Terrain kun, the gentleman with thick virtue.

I firmly believe that with our joint efforts, we have the ability and confidence to make chizhou a better tomorrow and make its people happier! I wish all my friends can truly become self-disciplined, live as they like, and live the life they want. More wish each of us can: live but have finite, never waste, live out own limit, be the leader of life.

Thank you!

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