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Wang hong, secretary of chizhou municipal party committee, and his delegation came to anan aluminum industry inspection work

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  On June 27, 2018, wang hong, secretary of chizhou municipal party committee, and his delegation visited anan aluminium group to inspect the production and construction of anan aluminium base industrial base.
  Liu peifeng, chairman of anan aluminium group, gave a warm reception and accompanied the company's senior executives to visit anan aluminium group's aluminium base.

  Party secretary wang hong in a line in the group, a subsidiary of new material, listened to the chairman Liu Peifeng about group development, innovation, research and development and the future development plan of the report, and details about the new material in the workshop production, safety management, product quality and technological process, and so on and so forth.

  Wang hong, the party secretary, praised the production environment and advanced production equipment of anan new material workshop and fully affirmed the way of new energy, light weight and diversified innovation and development of anan group. Hope in aluminum group focuses on the premise of safety in production work hard development of independent innovation, increase investment in scientific research, improve the independent innovation ability, pay attention to the creation of independent intellectual property rights, protection and utilization, and hope in aluminum group continuously improve enterprise comprehensive strength, contributing to better promote regional economic development.

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