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Aluminium profile special anti-corrosion heat pump boiler.

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I. product overview:

The emergence of high temperature heat pump, greatly expand the application field of heat pump, can be directly recycled oxidation tank more than 18 ~ 22 degrees of low grade (waste heat) resources, make the hot water of 65 ~ 90 degrees, used for hot water (75 degrees), medium temperature hole sealing (60 degrees), pickling tank (45 degrees), alkali corrosion groove (35 c) heating and other fields, alternative fuel, gas, coal-fired boiler, can save a lot of primary energy, has the very good energy saving and environmental benefits.

Ii. Product features.

Relative to the output temperature 60 ℃ below the heat pump technology, high temperature anti-corrosion heat pump under the condition of without changing operation environment, heat pump heating temperature is above 80 ℃, and maintain a high efficiency and stable and reliable running state is quite difficult. Therefore, the following two key technical problems need to be solved:

1, the working medium of choice: in order to ensure the high temperature heat pump equipment in the stable under the permissible working pressure is applied, the use of special refrigerants for working medium, in high thermal efficiency and the environment pollution, damage to the ozone layer is no effect. (kf-01 refrigerant does not exceed 2.0MPa at 90 degree of condensation temperature, ensuring the safety of high temperature heat pump system and equipment).

2, fluorine road system control optimization: ensure that the overall high temperature for a long time and stable operation of the unit and service life, and according to the environmental temperature and evaporating temperature, automatically adjust the high temperature heat pump working condition of equipment operation of the unit will be achieved and reliable, especially in the actual production process of aluminum oxide industry, at the same time need to meet the demand of cooling and heating dual, corrosion of high temperature heat pump boiler can from 20 ℃ cold quantity need to extract heat bath, bath wash hot water temperature heating to 75 ~ 80 ℃, realizing one machine hot and cold dual-use at the same time.

The condenser and evaporator are both anticorrosive, and are filled with titanium alloy liquid heat exchanger. The oxidation bath liquid (sulfuric acid solution) can be directly entered into the unit for cooling, and the washing liquid can also be directly fed into the unit for heating.
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